Implementation and management : 

  • Implementation of  EPC projects;
  • General construction contracting and construction works management:
    • Selection and management of subcontractors;
    • Management of construction and installation works;
    • Budget planning  and management of expenses;
    • Planning and monitoring of schedules, work progress;
    • Quality management and control; 
    • Management and control of labour and environmental protection.

Construction and installation works:

  • Installation of process systems;
  • Installation of piping;
  • Electrical installation works;
  • Prefab / Modular solutions.

Procurement Management:

  • Selection and management of vendors;
  • Development of data sheets and handling of tender procedures;
  • Procurement organization (estimates, schedules, plans, documentation);
  • Production control, factory tests;
  • Supply management and on-site storage.

Start-up, Commissioning:

  • Commissioning management (plans, schedules);
  • Process start-up;
  • Adjustment of electrical systems;
  • Adjustment of automation and control systems;
  • Trial run;
  • Staff training;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

OLIMPS carries out a full range of construction and installation works for industrial facilities and structures, installation of process  equipment and automation systems, utilities, arrangement of power supply and communication systems, site improvement works. Our professionalism allows us to build new, modern facilities, as well as to reconstruct operating high-tech facilities, without interruption of the main technological processes.

Depending on the location of the object, we choose the most rational construction plan according to the  Customer’s requirements, primarily considering working with local subcontractors and Customer’s technical specialists that could be engaged in individual construction, installation and other works.

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