Company history


On October 11, Olimps was established in Riga, Latvia, as a limited liability company.


The beginning of long-term cooperation within the phased reconstruction projects of the most prominent Latvian transit enterprises: “Ventspils nafta”, “Ventbunkers”, “LatRosTrans”, “Naftas Parks”.

During this period, the following projects were completed:

  • Ventspils Nafta: Heat accounting system
  • Ventspils Nafta: Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Ventspils Nafta: Upgrade of automated dispatch control systems and metering/accounting systems
  • Ventspils portside plant: Heat accounting system
  • Reconstruction of Riga municipal wastewater treatment facilities
  • Ventamonjaks: Concept of chemical cargo operational and commercial metering system
  • VARS: Reconstruction of the transshipment facility in the port of Ventspils


  • Latvian Construction Association’s annual “Best Construction” award for reconstruction of the automated fire extinguishing system of Skrudaliena oil pumping station. Customer: LatRosTrans.
  • Design and general contracting works including automation, electrical works, equipment procurement, system commissioning, comprehensive commissioning for “Ventspils nafta”, “LatRosTrans”, “Ventbunkers”, “Latvenergo”, “Latvijas Gāze”, “Ventspils Tirdzniecibas osta” and other companies.
  • First international projects for customers from the Russian Federation and Estonia.
  • Becoming one of the first Latvian companies obtaining international quality certificates, ISO 9001 TUV Nord (1999).


During this period, several major projects were completed:

  • Ventspils nafta terminals: design, construction, comprehensive adjustment of the railway loading rack No.4
  • Inčukalns underground gas storage (IUGS): phase 1 reconstruction works of the compressor station No. 1, design and construction of 3 new methanol storage facilities of IUGS gas collection stations No. 1,2,3.
  • Rīnūži oil terminal: phase 1 construction.
  • LatRosTrans: modernization of the process line, installation of diesel fuel metering unit (Ventspils, Latvia), reconstruction of pipeline service station (Ilukste, Latvia), upgrading of oil pump station (Džukste, Latvia), comprehensive modernization of power supply system, process line, automation systems.
  • Ventbunkers: phase 1 construction of the light/dark oil product unloading rack.
  • Rosneft-Nakhodkanefteprodukt (Russia): comprehensive infrastructure development.
  • Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia registers our developed solution “Nozzle for heating viscous petrochemical products by means of flow redistribution”.
  • Obtaining licenses for construction and design works in the Russian Federation.
  • Dual railway unloading rack No.4 (“Ventspils Nafta”) was awarded as the 2nd best construction of the year by Latvian Construction Association and the 2nd best power facility of the year by Latvian Electrical Engineering Association.
  • Ilukste pipeline service station (LatRosTrans) was awarded as the 3rd best construction of the year by Latvian Construction Association and the 3rd best power facility of the year by Latvian Electrical Engineering Association.
  • In October 2006, OLIMPS celebrated its 15th anniversary.
  • 2002: Obtaining TUV Nord certification ISO 14001 (environmental safety) and OHSAS 18001 (occupational safety).


  • In October 2008, OLIMPS moved to its newly constructed office building
  • March 2007 was marked with starting the operation of the Rosneft – Tuapsenefteprodukt oil depot facilities designed by OLIMPS: railway rack No. 1 and an oil heating station.
  • 2007 completed projects:
    • LatRosTrans: construction of the diesel fuel commercial accounting unit.
    • Tetoil (Kaliningrad, Russia): construction oil transshipment facility.
    • Jurmala municipal water supply and disposal system expansion.
  • In 2007 the company established its CAD group for integration of computer-aided design solutions and unified information system.
  • 2008 completed projects:
    • Ventspils nafta terminals: construction of local wastewater treatment facilities.
    • Inčukalns underground gas storage: reconstruction of gas collection point No.1.
    • Daugavgriva biological treatment station: design and construction of a new biogas storage tank.


    • Obtaining new permits for design and construction works in the Russian Federation.
    • OLIMPS trademark re-registered by the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia.
  • 2010: Petrol butanization facility and pipeline system of Ventspils nafta terminals construction completed.
  • 2011:
    • Overhaul of the underwater crossing of the Daugava river completed for Riga-Panevezys main gas pipeline.
    • November 2011: OLIMPS completed works for construction of the Baltic Pipeline System – 2 in Ust-Luga (Russia).


  • Knevichi airport, Vladivostok (Russia): Development, equipment procurement, installation supervision and commissioning of automated control systems of the airport’s refuelling facility
  • Sheremetyevo Airport (Moscow, Russia): Design, procurement and commissioning of the alternative fuel storage facility. The works were completed using proprietary software UNIPARK TM, created by the company’s specialists for automatization of accounting operations.
  • Inčukalns underground gas storage: construction of gas dehydration unit of the Compressor Station No.1 completed according to OLIMPS design.
  • Rosneft –Tuapse-Oil Product (Russia): company infrastructure reconstruction and development design (including development of automated control system, equipment commissioning).




  • Riga’s fertilizer terminal: Design of mineral fertilizers transshipment and short-term storage facility in the Free Port of Riga.
  • Korneti gas metering station: reconstruction project completed.
  • Rosneft, Tuapse-Nefteprodukt (Russia): Design of technical re-equipment of the truck loading facility.
  • Obtaining the certificate of membership in the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Obtaining conformity certificate issued by Gazpromcert Voluntary Certification System (Russia).
  • OLIMPS listed among the 100 leading export brands of Latvia according to the results of competition held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economy, Latvian Development Agency, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the consulting companies Gateway and Coface.


  • Ust-Luga Oil (formerly “Rosneftbunker”, Russia): Commissioning of automated process control systems of OLIMPS – designed railway racks No. 1, 2, 3 . The railway racks are one of the largest dual racks in Europe in terms of length and number of tank cars .
  • Ventspils fuel delivery and acceptance station: modernization of the automated control system of the commercial diesel fuel accounting unit.
  • Rosneft – Tuapsenefterprodukt (Russia): Several infrastructure reconstruction and development projects completed.
  • Obtaining a licence for design and construction activities by SPSC State Certification Center (Lithuania).


  • AB Klaipedos Nafta: design and construction of a liquefied gas terminal in the port of Klaipeda completed. The scope of works included the design and construction of a jetty with the necessary infrastructure to ensure the mooring of a liquefied gas storage vessel, its re – gasification and further gas transportation through the Lithuanian gas pipeline network. The works were completed in partnership with AS BMGS.
  • Karelsky Okatysh (part of Severstal, Russia): Detailed design for tailings thickening unit completed.
  • Overhaul of underwater crossings of the Gauja river has been completed for Pskov – Riga and Izborsk – Incukalns UGS gas pipelines.


Batumi Oil Terminal (Batumi, Georgia): works on modernization of the railway rack No. 2

Inčukalns UGS: reconstruction design for gas collection station SP-2 completed.

Latvian Railways: design works completed for modernization of passenger infrastructure of 16 railway stations.

Rosneft-Tuapse Nefteprodukt (Russia): technical re-equipment of the truck loading facility completed.

Koltsovo Airport (Russia): reconstruction design works for fuel storage facility completed.

OLIMPS begins introduction of automated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and electronic document management systems.

OLIMPS celebrates its 25-year anniversary.


  • Karelsky Okatysh (part of Severstal, Russia): Detailed design for tailings thickening unit No. 2 completed.
  • Inchukalns UGS: Commencement of design works on reconstruction of gas gathering station SP-2.
  • Equipment procurement, installation and commissioning of the equipment of gas control units ( monitoring the content of O2, gas humidity) has been completed for gas distribution stations in Sloka, Saldus, Liepaja, Jekabpils, Daugavpils and metering unit of Korneti gas metering station.


  • Book “Construction in Latvia 1918-2018” published with the support of OLIMPS.
  • Karelsky Okatysh (part of Severstal, Russia): Design and installation of the automated process control system of tailings thickening unit No. 2 completed.
  • Ventspils nafta terminals: vapour recovery system design and piping construction completed
  • LatRosTrans: modernization of automated operational dispatch control system completed.



  • Conexus Baltic Grid:
    •  Korneti gas distribution station: modernization of gas metering system
    •  Inčukalns UGS: reconstruction of gas collection station SP-2
    • Inčukalns UGS: reconstruction of 4 gas wells.
  • Rail Baltic: design contract signed for the construction of a new Vangažii-Salaspils-Misa railway section in cooperation with EGIS RAIL S.A., DB Engineering & Consulting GmbH.
  • Karelsky Okatysh: Design of technical re-equipment of the raw pelletizing process line completed.


Conexus Baltic Grid:

  • construction of Broceni gas distributionstation completed
  • commencement of reconstruction of 30 gas wells of the Inčukalns UGS
  • signing of contract for reconstruction design of SP-3 gas collection station of the Inčukalns UGS.

Karelsky Okatysh: Upgrading of the dispatching control system and ore concentrate and pellets production control system completed.


  • OLIMPS celebrates its 30th anniversary!
  • Karelsky Okatysh (part of Severstal JSC, Russia): Two-stage construction of the conveying ore-stripping equipment line for the Central section of the Kostomuksha deposit completed.



  • Ongoing successful cooperation with NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).The first phase infrastructure design in Adazi and  Lielvarde  bases is completed.
  •  New contract with the gas grid operator GASO for the design, procurement and implementation of a new industrial automation system related to 105 GASO facilities.

Completed projects:

» Design of gas gathering station No.3 (Incukalns UGS, Conexus Baltic Grid).

» Design of biomass boiler plant installations in Riga (AS “RĪGAS SILTUMS”).

» Almost 30 projects at the facilities of Conexus Baltic Grid, Ventspils Nafta terminals, Neste Latvia, Endress+Hauser (Baltic), GasOn, Ardynas (Lithuania).