Gas industry objects: Incukalns UGS


1997 – ongoing


Latvijas Gaze Jsc.

Incukalns UGS is a subsidiary of Latvijas Gaze Jsc focusing on gas purchase, transportation and distribution.
Incukalns UGS volume: total 4,46 bln. nm3; active gas 2,32 bln. nm3.

UGS modernization , including design, substitution of equipment units, construction and installation works , commissioning for the following facilities:

  • Compression stations No.1 , No.2; 
  • Gas gathering stations SP1, SP2 , SP3;
  • Methanol storage units SP1, SP2 , SP3, 
  • Gas metering units KS1, KS2;
  • Gas dehydration unit KS1;
  • UGS process control systems;
  • UGS power supply.

Works completed by Olimps:

  • Consultations, concept design;
  • Elaboration of engineering design;
  • Equipment procurement;
  • Supervision; 
  • Control and implementation of construction and installation works; 
  • Development and procurement of process automation systems;
  • Comprehensive commissioning and testing.