Gas gathering station SP1, Inčukalns UGS


2006 – 2008


Latvijas Gaze Jsc

Reconstruction of gas collection point with daily capacity 15 million  mn3. Operating pressure during gas injection:  input 105 bar, output 105 bar, during withdrawal:  input 105 bar, output 55 bar.

Facilities and components:

  • 17 slug catchers for the 1st phase of gas treatment;
  • 16 operation and 1 testing line with adjustment and metering of gas flow;
  • 4 filter separators for 2nd phase of gas treatment;
  • Methanol storage, distribution and injection unit with 34 injection points;
  • Construction of new collection point building with security and other auxiliary systems;
  • Internal and external utilities.

Scope of work:

  • Design development;
  • Design and detailed design documentation;
  • Equipment procurement;
  • Installation of process equipment and pipelines;
  • Procurement and installation of power supply system;
  •  Development, procurement, and installation of control system;
  • Procurement and installation of utility systems;
  • Adjustment, start-up and commissioning.