Capital repairs of main pipelines Pskov-Riga andIzborsk – Incukalns UGS in sections passing through Gauja river


2011 – 2015


Latvijas Gaze Jsc

Installation of 2 new DN700 gas pipelines under the riverbed using the HDD method, replacing 3 existing DN500 pipes. The length of each new pipe section  is 650 meters, the working pressure: 55 bar. Arrangement of DN700 cable tunnel for electrical and communication cables in the technological (third) channel constructed using  horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method. The project site is located on the territory of the national Park in the Gauja River Valley, included in the Natura 2000 nature conservation program

Scope of work:

  • Design development (including geo investigation);
  • Earth works for specific site preparing for drilling operations;
  • HDD drilling;
  • New pipelines procurement and welding on one river side and pulling into drilled holes;
  • Pipelines construction on river sides and connection to the existing valving stations;
  • Pipelines testing and putting into operation;
  • Existing pipelines disconnection and dismantling and site recovery after completion of the works.