OLIMPS expands the horizons of international  cooperation


OLIMPS is currently developing the basic design of a gas processing and liquefaction plant for the Svartsengi geothermal power plant in Iceland as a subcontractor of the Italian company Pietro Fiorentini
The project customer is Swiss Green Gas International (SGGI). SGGI along with its stakeholders HOLDIGAZ Group and Axpo are the world leaders in renewable energy production. The project arranges construction of the carbon dioxide processing plant. The plant will use local renewable electricity and renewable CO2 from geothermal gas (Power-to-Heat technology) for its operation.

The purified synthetic green gas (SGG), after a liquefaction process, will be delivered to Switzerland and distributed through the Swiss gas grid to replace fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Green gas and hydrogen,  produced using energy from renewable sources, are considered as key technologies for energy transition and decarbonization in view of the European climate neutrality targets. The Svartsengi geothermal power plant and the SGGI gas processing and liquefaction plant are remarkable examples of renewable energy power.

OLIMPS specialists are proud to be involved in the implementation of this complex and  innovative project.

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