Riga Fertilizer Terminal


2010 – 2013



The terminal is designed for reception of mineral fertilizers transported by railway transport, cargo storage and loading to marine vessels. Terminal annual cargo turnover is 2 mio. tones.

The terminal’s process line includes:

  • Double-track wagon unloading station (WUS), allowing simultaneous unloading of two rail cars on each track to storage bunker under the tracks;
  • Mineral fertilizer’s storage domes – 2 domes x 15 000 tones and 6 domes x 25 000 tones;
  • Underground and above-ground belt conveyors and junction units for:
    • cargo transportation from WUS to domes or directly to vessel loading;
    • cargo transportation from domes to vessel; 
    • cargo transportation between domes.
  • Vessel loading system (stationary ship loader on jetty (2 loading lines), mobile shiploader);
  • Aspiration systems.

Completed works:

  • Design works (FEED, Basic and Detail);
  •  Engineering;
  •  General design contractor’s functions;
  •  Designer’s supervision.