Gas distribution station Riga-3


2006 – 2007


Latvijas Gaze Jsc

GDS Riga-3 is a modular plant-manufactured gas distribution station with 1 outlet line (16 bar), with total capacity 300 000 m3/h.  All equipment units are placed in metal container 12,2х18,1х3,7 m. Condensate is collected in a 10 m3 underground tank. An alarm system installed along its perimeter and CCTV systems as well as area lighting provide the station’s security. Condensate collection  takes place in 10 m3 underground tank. The station’s security is provided by perimeter alarm and CCTV systems, as well as area lighting.

Facilities and components:

  • Process room;
  • Odorization unit;
  • Boiler room;
  • Power supply equipment room;
  • Diesel generator.

Scope of work:

  • Design development (basic + detailed);
  • Field supervision.